After winning a SAG Award for the first time, actress Laura Dern told reporters backstage Sunday evening that her role in “Marriage Story” gave her the greatest monologue she’s ever had a chance to recite.

“(Playing) Nora would be one of the great delights of an actor’s life and I got that lucky,” Dern said.

The actress praised writer-director Noah Baumbach for always creating characters that “exist in the gray of their humanity” and called the script a “flawless piece of art.”

Despite playing a divorce lawyer that even Dern acknowledged was “possibly diabolical,” it was clear that “she’s doing her job, she’s going to win for her client.”

Asked whether she’d ever met well-known divorce lawyer Laura Wasserman, Dern said Wasserman was just one of the lawyers and judges that she and other cast members and the director met with in Los Angeles and New York.

She said she was grateful for the insights into “just how outrageous the system is.”

When a reporter inquired how much of her own marriage story was in the movie, Dern said all of the actors and the director shared conversations about their lives. Baumbach, she said, originally wanted to make a slightly different movie focused on a love story, rather than looking through the lens of divorce.

“We shared all of it. Our loves, our heartbreaks, our childhood experiences. We are children of divorce. Our own relationship stories, what it means to parent, what it means to love,” Dern said. “Those are the stories (the director) kind of lifted and I think with that .. (gave) us an incredibly, globally important film.”

Dern has been nominated by the Screen Actors Guild three times before. The Netflix drama also garnered nominations for co-leads Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson.

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