Photo courtesy Los Angeles Zoo.
Photo courtesy Los Angeles Zoo.

Three otter pups and a baby giraffe are on display at the Los Angeles Zoo, officials announced Wednesday.

One male and two female otter pups born in September recently ventured out to swim in their new outdoor habitat at the Rainforest of the Americas exhibit. They had been learning to swim from their parents in a smaller pool, away from the exhibit.

“The babies have picked up swimming very fast,” Jennie Becker, mammals curator at Los Angeles Zoo, said. “The parents are excellent teachers. The staff provided the water and a small pool, but it was the parents putting the babies in the water and encouraging them to swim.”

A Masai giraffe calf named Leo was also born at the zoo on Nov. 20 to 6- year-old Hasina and 18-year-old Artemus. The baby giraffe already stands 6 feet tall and is nearly 150 pounds.

The giraffe was named by donors Patricia and Stanley Silver in honor of Patricia’s father, Leo Guthman.

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