General admission for the Los Angeles Zoo would go up a dollar under a fee schedule to be considered Tuesday by the City Council.

Photo by Jamie Pham, Los Angeles Zoo.

If approved, ticket costs for adults, children and seniors would all rise by $1 starting July 1 — to $20 for zoo-goers 13 years and older, $15 for children aged 2-12, and $17 for seniors 62 years and older.

Group rates, which apply when a group of 15 or more people buy tickets, would also rise by $1 — to $17 for adults and $14 for children.

The latest proposed increase is part of a three-year agreement with GLAZA, a group that handles marketing, public relations and other duties for the zoo. Ticket prices were also increased in 2014 and 2013, by $1 both times.

The latest proposed increase is expected to add $850,000 to the zoo’s revenues. The zoo is expected to bring in an additional $751,000 this fiscal year, ending June 30, due to last year’s $1 hike.

Marketing efforts for the zoo have been increased in the last two years, but the percentage of paid admissions has been flat, according to a city report.

With daytime attendance and general admissions “not meeting budgeted projections,” GLAZA is also considering holding nighttime ticketed events to help bring in more revenue, the report said.

Zoo admission seven years ago was $10 for adults and $5 for children, according to the city report, and has been increased to deal with budget shortfalls stemming from the economic downturn.

— City News Service

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