[16:9 Featured] Department of Water and Power LADWP TruckLos Angeles Department of Water and Power officials Wednesday again urged customers to conserve energy, with an unrelenting heat wave expected to drive energy demand in Los Angeles even closer to an all-time high this afternoon.

LADWP officials for the second consecutive day are asking the public to scale back on  energy use to relieve the strain on the power grid. Energy demand is anticipated to surpass Tuesday’s peak of 5,926 megawatts — with usage today projected at around 6,200 megawatts.

That would be just under the all-time peak of 6,396 megawatts set last September. The average daily energy use during the summer is 4,700 megawatts, usually rising in late August and September.

LADWP officials said customers should try to “stay comfortable” in the heat, while also taking steps such as holding back on using too much energy between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., when use is traditionally the highest.

Customers were urged to conserve by taking steps such as:

— setting thermostats to 78 degrees or higher;

— limiting the use of major appliances during peak hours;

— closing drapes and blinds to reduce heat;

— turning off lights and other equipment when not in use; and

— unplugging items like cell phone chargers, DVD players and microwave ovens that can use energy even when turned off.

Customers are also asked to report any power loss to the LADWP by calling (800) 342-5397.

—City News Service

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