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Photo via Pixabay

Topless women demanding no-shirt equality will draw throngs of camera-wielding gawkers Sunday in a bare-breasted march along the Venice Beach boardwalk.

“We’re working toward freeing women’s nipples and obtaining equal gender topless rights that are enforced worldwide,” according to Beatrice Charles of the local branch of GoTopless, the sponsor of the event.

The topless march is an annual procession pushing for a change in laws to allow women to remove their tops at the beach — just like their male counterparts. There was no word from law enforcement if authorities will take any action.

The annual Go Topless march in Venice will mirror similar processions planned across the country, according to organizers.

The annual topless march will feature a gathering of women — joined by shirtless men who support them — at the northern end of Ocean Front Walk at Navy Street, where they will call for topless equality. The group will them march along the boardwalk to Windward Circle for another rally.

The event annually attracts large crowds of camera-wielding onlookers.

Event organizers noted that the Venice Neighborhood Council last year approved a resolution in support of women going topless at the beach, but such a change would require the approval of the city and county.

The weekend march coincides with today’s Women’s Equality Day, marking the anniversary of women winning the right to vote.

“Around the world, gender inequality over the centuries, including exclusively male leadership, caused imbalances that could destroy society,” Charles said. “Spiritual leader Maitreya Rael says society can be preserved only when there’s absolute equality between men and women.”

—City News Service

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