Starting Tuesday, a new delivery service aims to make it easier for residents to donate items they no longer want — from clothes to couches to dressers to bicycles — to Goodwill Southern California.

The service utilizes the national delivery company Roadie, which will pick up unwanted items and take them to the nearest Goodwill donation center. The service runs through Feb. 28.

“January is a great month to clean out your closets and get organized for the New Year,” said Patrick McClenahan, president and CEO of Goodwill Southern California.

As with all items donated to Goodwill Southern California, items donated through the Roadie partnership will be sold in area Goodwill stores to help fund job and skills training, both in-person and online, employment placement services and other community-based employment programs.

Donations made at any time of the year are tax deductible and receipts for items shipped through the Roadie partnership will be provided by request.

First time Roadie users who donate items to Goodwill through the app or website will receive a $20 discount on the pickup and delivery fee using the promo code GOODWILL. Goodwill shoppers who use Roadie for the first time to deliver purchases to their home or office can also receive the discount.

“Roadie was built on the idea of community members helping one another,” said Marc Gorlin, founder and CEO of the Atlanta-based company. “We’re happy to be partnering with Goodwill to help people give new life to the things they can no longer use, and in the process, help create jobs in communities nationwide.”

Roadie connects people who have items to send with drivers already headed in that direction. By tapping into unused space in passenger vehicles already on the road, the app-based community gives users a more flexible, greener, and cost-effective way to ship locally and nationally, seven days a week.

New Roadie customers can simply click on the Goodwill icon on the Roadie app or go to to schedule a pick-up.

–City News Service 

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