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Are you, ahem, too big for your condom?

There’s a surprisingly lot to learn about condom use, even if you’ve been doing it all for years.

And the best time to figure it all out will be Valentine’s Day, which just happens to be International Condom Day in Los Angeles, across the nation and around the world.

Sappy romance or just plain getting lucky on Valentine’s Day?

Either way, Feb. 14 this year will not only celebrate Cupid’s arrow, it will also be International Condom Day.

Observances will include meetings, speeches and, of course, demonstrations of proper use of condoms.

Even the Ukraine, despite its battles with Russia, will highlight the day’s celebration of safe sex with condoms.

The American Sexual Health Association of New York says the event is designed to make people aware of all aspects of condoms and their use.

“Don’t store condoms in a hot place,” according to the ASHA. “Do keep condoms in a cool, dry place. Don’t use out-of- date condoms or ones whose packaging is torn or damaged. Do check the expiration date. Old condoms can be dry and can break more easily.”

Whatever you do, “Don’t use scissors or your teeth when opening a condom,” no matter how urgent the need seems to be.

Ever wonder if your condom is the right size for you?

“If you’re a guy, you’ve measured your penis, wondered ‘Am I large or small?’ and probably worried about whether you’re large or small.

“Just like the men to which they’re attached, penises come in all shapes and sizes, (and) some would even argue personalities …”

“International Condom Day seeks to promote the use of condoms as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections,”  the association that was launched in 1919 said. “Condoms are thin rubber covers that a man wears on his penis during sexual intercourse as a contraceptive or as protection against STIs. Condoms are made from various materials such as latex, non-latex, lambskin and even female condoms.

“Condoms, latex and polyurethane versions, are the only method available to prevent transmission of STIs and HIV.”

  • According to the CDC, 1 in 20 Americans will get infected with hepatitis B (HBV) some time during their lives.  Hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV.
  • According to the Center for Disease Control, there are more than 19.7 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the U.S. each year.
  • By twelfth grade, 65 percent of high school students will have engaged in sexual intercourse, and one in five sexually active teens will have had four or more sexual partners.
  • The use of Condoms make for the only proven method for reducing the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections during sex. Five billion condoms are used worldwide every year.
  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, according to a Benjamin Franklin quote cited by organizers. It’s hard to know what Franklin would have thought of today’s openness and frank discussions of sex. Other suggestions included:
  • Keep condoms on hand so there is no excuse to use them if the situation arises.
  • Say the Danish word for condom 10 times fast. Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel
  • Talk to your kids about safe sex and answer any questions they may have.

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