Example of a baby’s feet, not the newly delivered child in the story. Photo via Pixabay.

If your wife is about to give birth and you need to get to the hospital fast, what do you do?

Contact Uber.

At least that’s what one nervous father did when his wife went into labor at a Sherman Oaks Whole Foods store and he desperately needed a ride to the hospital.

The only glitch was that the baby couldn’t wait to get to the hospital, so the birth was in the Uber rideshare vehicle.

And the Uber driver was something of a hero, helping with the delivery after parking the vehicle. It was a good-news story for a controversial international rideshare company that had been recently the target of a number of negative reports.

But it was a happy ending for everyone in Sherman Oaks as firefighters quickly arrived after the birth and the new family was finally taken to a hospital.

“The father was also present and supported the mother,” according to Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department. She said both mother and newborn child were in good condition when firefighters took them to the hospital.

The infant was delivered about 8:40 p.m. Friday in the 12900 block of Riverside Drive, Stewart said.

— City News Service


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