Tour bus operators in Los Angeles are facing new noise restrictions under an ordinance approved Tuesday by the Los Angeles City Council.

The ordinance, which was approved with a 12-0 vote, requires the use of headphones for passengers on all tour buses rather than the use of loudspeakers.

Councilman David Ryu, whose district includes the Hollywood Hills, introduced the motion last year that led to the ordinance being drafted after Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 25, which grants California municipalities more power to regulate tour bus operators.

“This legislation stemmed from the numerous complaints from residential neighborhoods about the noise emanating from sightseeing tour buses, especially those that are open air,” the motion states. “The rise in the noise complaints has been attributed to public announcement systems from some of the tour bus companies. This concern has been expressed by many residents in the Hollywood area, as well as other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. As a specific example, the city has received reports that tour buses using megaphones stop in front of residential homes up to 100 times a day.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti will have to sign the ordinance before it becomes law.

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