Fairytale princesses and tea party extraordinaires will all be in attendance at the annual Fairytales & Frog Day event at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Saturday.

The magical event only happens once a year in February at the desert zoo, where popular princess characters, along with Shrek, Freddy the Frog and the 41-year-old tortoise Mojave Maxine, will interact and pose for photos with attendees, The Living Desert’s Erin Scott said.

Children are encouraged to dress up as their favorite fairytale character and explore the zoo and gardens, Scott added. A grand tea party will also take place at the fairytale extravaganza.

If tea, pictures and princesses aren’t your thing then other activities are available too, including a magical maze, crystal ball bowling, corn hole frog toss, face painting, makeup station, crown decorating, arts and crafts and more, Scott said.

And, in good fairytale fashion, when the clock strikes noon, a Royal Ball Dance Party will begin at the Living Legacy Garden with DJ Bazz curating the music selection.

Fairytales & Frog Day is free for members or with paid admission to the park. For more information you can visit www.livingdesert.org/events-and-tours/calendar-of-events/fairytales-frog-day/.

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