The Los Angeles Ethics Commission Wednesday announced that more than $18.1 million was spent lobbying the city in the second quarter of the year by about 1,700 clients, about $4.6 million more than the first quarter.

The 10 clients who made the largest aggregated payments for lobbying services were listed in the Ethics Commission’s Top 10 Highest Paying Clients.

At the top was Crossroads Associates, LLC, which poured in $937,214 in the quarter. The highest-paid lobbying firm was DLA Piper LLP, U.S., which received a little more than $1.9 million to work on behalf of its clients, which includes Crossroads.

The 10 clients who paid the most for lobbying services totaled $3,568,157, which is 19.6% of all payments by lobbying clients for the quarter, according to the Ethics Commission. The top ten lobbying firms receiving the most client payments in the second quarter received a total of $9,271,429, representing 51% of all client payments received in the second quarter.

Of the 695 second-quarter lobbying entities, 29 reported fundraising activity totaling $289,919 for city campaigns, officeholders and committees. In addition to lobbying entities, one major filer reported activity totaling $35,000 in the second quarter of 2019.

In the first quarter of the year, clients paid more than $13.5 million for lobbying services.

There were 1,437 clients registered to pay for lobbying services in the city for that quarter, according to the commission.

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