Photo of a cat – not the one in the story – from Pixabay

No one is sure where Brandy the cat has been for the last 15 years, but thanks to a microchip, the long-lost feline was identified by a Palmdale animal control officer and reunited with her owner.

Officer Luis Leal from the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control received a field call last Sunday to assist an injured stray cat on the front porch of a Palmdale home. Leal brought the cat back to the Palmdale Animal Care Center, where she received medical care and was found to be alert, healthy and friendly, interacting well with the staff.

Leal scanned the cat and located a microchip that was traced back to a man named Charles, whose last name, age and hometown were not released.

Leal left a message telling the man that his cat had been found and was being cared for at the Palmdale center. The following day, the man called back, confused, and asked why he was receiving a call from animal control because he does not own any pets.

Sgt. Chris Valles at the Palmdale animal care center advised him that a cat was found in the city of Palmdale and her microchip information was linked back him.

“Charles was completely shocked to hear that his cat Brandy was located as he had not seen her in over 15 years,” according to a statement released by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control. “He was so happy; you could hear it in his voice over the phone. Charles was very emotional and continued sharing with Sgt. Valles that Brandy went missing over 15 years ago and he never thought he would see her again.”

When asked if he was interested in picking up the cat and taking her home, he replied, “Yes, adoption is forever,” according to Valles.

DACC officials encouraged all pet owners to microchip their pets, noting that “without the microchipping of Brandy and the diligence of the officer, this reunion would have been impossible.”

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