The Los Angeles Ethics Commission announced Wednesday that entities registered to lobby city agencies reported receiving payments of nearly $16 million in the first quarter of 2021.

Total lobbying in the first quarter was reported to be $15,887,168 from 1,654 clients.

The 10 highest-paying clients were:

— SOCAL San Pedro SPV 1 LLC, with $742,181;

— Chick-Fil-A, with $346,594;

— LINXS Constructors, with $275,408;

— Staley Point Capital, with $241,253;

— Clear Channel Outdoor Inc., with $195,000;

— Palisades Capital Partners, with $183,444;

— Sandstone Properties, with $159,594;

— Englander Knabe & Allen, on behalf of Puerto Rico Potential LLC, with $156,037;

— Lendlease Development, Inc., with $145,661; and

— NEWKOA LLC, with $128,000.

Payments from those clients totaled $2.53 million and account for 16.2% of all payments for the quarter.

The top 10 highest-paid lobbying firms during the first quarter were:

— Psomas, which was paid $1,018,963;

— Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, which was paid $966,841;

— Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac LLC, which was paid $855,148;

— Englander Knabe and Allen, which was paid $740,701;

— Craig Lawson & Co., LLC, which was paid, $653,645;

— TChoi and Associates, which was paid, $626,936;

— Max Development LLC dba three6ixty, which was paid, $526,954;

— Kimberlina Whettam & Associates, which was paid $513,105;

— Michael Bai and Associates, which was paid, $451,000; and

— Mercury Public Affairs, which was paid $400,300

The top 10 lobbying firms received a total of $6.753 million, or 42.5% of all client payments during the first quarter.

Sixteen of the lobbying entities also reported a total of $149,945 in fundraising activities for city campaigns, officeholders and committees.

The full lobbying summary for the first quarter of 2021 can be viewed at

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