The Coalition for Clean Air is urging people to contact members of the Southern California Air Quality Management District to pass an oil refinery rule that has been delayed to a vote since 2019.

The SCAQMD meets virtually on Friday at 9 a.m. to vote on proposed rule 1109.1 that would amend oil refinery regulations. The Coalition for Clean Air says in a news release that the SCAQMD has tried to regulate chemical emissions from oil refineries through a credit-trading market for decades. However, it has failed to reduce emissions as effectively as rules and regulations, the coalition says.

The rule the SCAQMD is voting on applies to 16 oil refineries and related facilities. Among other things, it sets emission limits for nearly 300 pieces of equipment. It does not allow refineries to purchase credits for emission reduction requirements. It also includes provision relating to start-up and shut-down periods of equipment.

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