Photo by John Schreiber.

An Amtrak train that departed Los Angeles Union Station and passed through Fullerton and Riverside en route to Chicago derailed Monday in Missouri after colliding with a truck, and the rail agency indicated there are “early reports of injuries.”

There was no immediate word on the number or extent of injuries in the crash, which occurred near Mendon, Missouri, at 12:42 p.m. local time, or 10:42 a.m. California time. Amtrak officials said the train struck a dump truck “that was obstructing a public crossing.”

According to Amtrak, eight train cars and two locomotives came off the tracks. Photos from the scene posted online showed a line of train cars on their side alongside the tracks.

“There were approximately 243 passengers and 12 crew members on board with early reports of injuries,” according to a statement from Amtrak. “Local authorities are currently assisting customers. Our Incident Response Team has been activated, and we are deploying emergency personnel to the scene to help support our passengers, our employees and their families with their needs.”

The crash involved Amtrak’s Southwest Chief train 4. According to Amtrak schedules, the train would have left Los Angeles Union Station Saturday evening, making stops in Fullerton, Riverside and San Bernardino as it began the roughly 43-hour trip to Chicago.

According to Amtrak, people seeking information about relatives or friends aboard the train can call 800-523-9101.

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