A digital story map released Thursday by Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin details the cost of living in Los Angeles.

Titled “L.A.’s Cost of Living Crisis,” the website examines the impact of inflation and the high cost of living on working families. It also outlines recommended actions that local leaders can take.

“The cost of living in Los Angeles has been rising for years, resulting in many residents struggling to make ends meet,” Galperin said in a statement. “And pandemic-induced inflation has only made the problem worse, leaving too many families without access to food, stable housing and other basic needs. It’s critical that local leaders do everything possible to support our economy and protect Angelenos from future financial turmoil.”

The cost of basic necessities rose by more than 20% in Los Angeles between 2018 and 2021 while wages have lagged, according to a study by the Insight Center cited in Galperin’s tool.

The tool also includes a map where people can find food pantries and food banks.

The site can be viewed at: bit.ly/3oTRWmf

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