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A 50-year-old Anaheim man was convicted Wednesday of molesting two female relatives, starting when one victim was 12 and continuing for three years, eventually raping her in her bedroom.

One of the victims, who is now 16, testified she was 12 when she was first molested by Ramon Vallejo. She said her mother sent her to the defendant’s apartment upstairs in the same complex to fetch something, and he rubbed her breasts.

The sexual abuse escalated until she was 15, when he made his way into her bedroom and raped her in January of last year, Deputy District Attorney Rick Zimmer said.

“Most of the force that was used was psychological, manipulation, it was fear,” Zimmer said. “He would tell her not to say anything, ‘don’t tell your mother or I’m going to jail and you’re going to jail.”‘

When he raped her, he told the victim, “if you scream I’m going to kill your mom,” Zimmer said.

A few days later, Vallejo groped the girl in the laundry room, prompting her to tell her church pastor, who relayed the confession to her mother, who called police, Zimmer said.

Vallejo told police he did not force himself on the girl, Zimmer said.

“He had the audacity to keep saying it was all consensual,” the prosecutor said.

The other victim, who is now 18, was in the seventh grade when the defendant kissed her on the neck and pressed his groin up against her buttocks, Zimmer said. She resisted and he didn’t attack her again, according to the prosecutor.

Defense attorney Lisa Eyanson argued Vallejo should not have been convicted of forcing sex on the victims.

Vallejo “admitted inappropriate touching” the girls, she said. “The real issue in this case was whether there was any real force.”

Vallejo, who was convicted of rape and multiple sexual assault counts, is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 23. He faces about 205 years to life in prison, Zimmer said.

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