a great white shark
An example of a Great White shark. Photo via Pixabay

Amid numerous shark scares in recent months in Southern California, yet another giant Great White prowling around the San Clemente Pier Wednesday forced the immediate shutdown of the waters off local beaches.

Multiple reports of the 10-foot Great White shark swimming near the end of the San Clemente Pier scared off numerous swimmers who possibly recalled the ominous theme from Steven Spielberg’s monster hit “Jaws.”

About 10 witnesses reported seeing the shark just before 3 p.m., according to a lifeguard with the city’s Marine Safety Division.

A lifeguard searched from the end of the pier and a drone was launched, but the shark was not spotted. The witness accounts were deemed credible, however, so a four-hour beach closure was ordered at 3 p.m., the lifeguard said.

Another reported shark sighting closed the city’s beaches in similar fashion on Saturday.

Shark sightings have been in the news for months, and scientists have had a number of possible explanations for what seems to be an increasing number of the hungry killers in local waters.

One woman was severely slashed in the waters off a San Diego beach.

–City News Service

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