A 58-year-old Corona man who has spent decades donating blood to help others hit a milestone Friday, officially reaching the 100-gallon mark in donations.

According to LifeStream Blood Bank, which provides product to clinics, hospitals and other facilities throughout the region, James Alan Tate achieved the goal while making one of his regular visits to the non-profit’s Riverside Donor Center in the 4000 block of Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside.

Tate said his donation mission began 30 years ago when he realized the importance of providing blood.

“From that point forward, I decided to donate as much whole blood, plasma and platelets as I could each year,” he said. “Donating has turned into my life’s passion. Over the years, LifeStream has become my second family.”

The father of one and his wife, Nancy, settled in the area while he was working in the aerospace industry, and he said they have built many lasting relationships, thanks in part to the blood donations.

“As long as there are people in need, God willing, I will donate as many life-saving donations as I can,” Tate said.

LifeStream operates multiple locations where blood donations can be made. A complete list is available at www.lstream.org/, or by calling 800-879-4484.

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