Riverside County officials Tuesday advised residents who previously didn’t qualify for Medi-Cal, or were booted out of the system for exceeding asset limits, that they may now be eligible under a change in state law that took effect Friday.

The asset limitations bar was changed on July 1 to enable people with six-figure financial resources to apply for Medi-Cal depending on their circumstances, according to the county Department of Public Social Services.

“This recent increase in asset limits will allow more of our residents to get access to health care,” DPSS Assistant Director Allison Gonzalez said. “We hope that the word will get out so that more people will apply.”

Previously, asset limits for applicants were $2,000 for a single person and $3,000 for a couple. Under the new asset thresholds approved by the governor, the single-person asset allowance is now $130,000, while the couple allowance has reset to $195,000.

The asset tests are based on cash-on-hand, checking and savings accounts, brokerage accounts and property, including vehicles.

The same monthly income limits apply, but vary. They can be found at www.dhcs.ca.gov/individuals.

“Applicants who were previously denied Medi-Cal, or terminated due to being above asset limits during the 90 days before the effective date of change, will be notified and encouraged to reapply,” according to a DPSS statement. “Those already enrolled in Medi-Cal will not have to take any action.”

Medi-Cal is the state component of the federal Medicaid system, which provides health care services to the indigent, physically disabled and seniors who may have long-term care needs. County residents can apply via www.BenefitsCal.com, or by calling 877-410-8827.

In January 2024, the asset tests will be rescinded altogether.

According to state officials, about one in three residents is a Medi-Cal recipient.

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