The overall number of people hospitalized with a coronavirus infection in Riverside County continued to slide this week, though the number of patients under intensive care remained the same, the Riverside University Health System said Friday.

A comparison of data over the last seven days showed COVID-19 hospitalizations countywide were at 180, down from 190 a week ago, with 15 patients in intensive care — unchanged from last week.

One month ago, 222 people were hospitalized throughout the county with a COVID infection, nine of whom were ICU patients.

Among those hospitalized with a COVID diagnosis in June, one in three patients had been fully vaccinated with a SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic, according to county public health figures. Vaccination status data for July will be released on or after Monday, officials said.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday announced revised guidance, dropping some measures previously recommended for states and localities, including asymptomatic testing and requiring that a person quarantine if exposed to someone with an infection. The changes make no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

“The guidance … helps us move to a point where COVID-19 no longer severely disrupts our daily lives,” CDC spokeswoman Greta Massetti said.

RUHS said the aggregate number of COVID cases recorded since the public health documentation period began in March 2020 is 679,399.

According to the agency, in the last 29 months, 6,621 deaths from virus-related complications have been recorded. The fatality count a week ago was 6,616.

The number of known active virus cases in the county, based on available data, is 5,141, compared to 6,548 a week ago. The active count is derived by subtracting deaths and recoveries from the current total — 679,399 — according to the county Executive Office. Verified patient recoveries countywide are now 667,637.

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