Rams cheerleaders love their team. Image from Los Angeles Rams video
Rams cheerleaders love their team, but there’s a lot of fan outrage and one TV station says a team exec is a “Professional Liar.” Image from Los Angeles Rams video

Things are getting so bad with the hapless losing Rams that one TV station has officially identified a team executive as a “Professional Liar.”

Rams fans in Los Angeles who booed the team at Sunday’s game prior to coach Jeff Fisher being fired are clearly not alone in their disdain: There’s still hate from jilted Rams backers in St. Louis.

One of of those outraged St. Louis fans has a bigger megaphone than most — he’s a local TV sports anchor who had to apologize after his on-air insult of the Rams executive.

Sports anchor Charlie Marlow at KTVI told viewers he was sorry for including a written on-screen identification for Rams executive Kevin Demoff as “Professional Liar.” That ID came in Monday’s story about Fisher’s firing.

“Earlier today at 5 I ran a graphic with a disrespectful comment towards Rams vice president Kevin Demoff,” Marlow was quoted by numerous sources as telling viewers at 11 p.m. “It was unprofessional and I would like to apologize. Even though we are all angry with the Rams, leaving that is no excuse and again I am sorry for doing that.”

According to other media reports, the hometown St. Louis Post-Dispatch provided a bit of background for the apology.

“Although there were no apparent complaints from the Rams, some in the station’s management were not pleased and Marlow issued an apology during the 11 p.m. telecast,” the paper reported. “It was Marlow’s idea to run the ‘professional liar’ graphic, which was on the air for just a few seconds.”

But the paper reported the on-air image was captured by social media and went viral.

The report said Demoff made several comments to the media in St. Louis prior to the Rams move to Los Angeles, and some were “comments that eventually were found to contradict what was really happening. As a result he has been a frequent target of criticism from local media members and fans since NFL owners approved the team’s relocation in January.”

Los Angeles fans were mostly ecstatic when the Rams returned to town this year from St. Louis. But the 4-9 team is now only able to avoid last place in the NFC West because the San Francisco 49ers are having one of the worst seasons in history, winning only one game and losing 12. In addition to the continuing disasters on the field for the Rams, management seemed to be in chaos as coach Jeff Fisher was fired following Sunday’s loss, even though news leaked out earlier that he’d been given a two-year extension on his contract.

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