Riverside County deputies, coordinating with personnel from a nonprofit agency, have moved dozens of homeless individuals off the streets in Lake Elsinore and Wildomar and placed them in shelters, with relatives or in other positive living situations, a sheriff’s sergeant said Wednesday.

During the 2019 calendar year, the sheriff’s Problem-Oriented Policing Team had roughly 2,300 contacts with transients and others camped out or living in unsheltered environments around Lake Elsinore and Wildomar, according to Sgt. Glenn Warrington.

With assistance from the Social Workers Action Group, deputies provided resources and extended various forms of aid to the individuals engaged, he said.

Warrington said that in Wildomar, 21 people were able to leave the streets for safer confines last year. Additionally, two people were reunited with familymembers, with whom they stayed, and three people entered transitional housing.

Just over 100 individuals accepted mental health counseling and related services. However, 98 people declined to accept any form of aid, according to Warrington.

He said that in Lake Elsinore, 73 people successfully left the streets last year after engaging with POP deputies and Social Workers Action Group staff.

Fourteen people also began living with loved ones, and 43 individuals accepted transitional housing opportunities, according to the sergeant, adding that 152 people went into mental health counseling. Another 278 transients or chronically homeless people refused to accept any form of assistance, Warrington said.

He noted that during the year, deputies, nonprofit personnel and volunteers collected 230 tons of refuse and debris from encampments that was appropriately discarded.

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