Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Tuesday marked the groundbreaking of a Proposition HHH-funded project that will provide 56 permanent supportive housing units in Sylmar to formerly homeless Angelenos.

The Silver Crossing Apartments, located at 12667 San Fernando Road, is expected to be ready for occupancy in July 2022, Garcetti said.

Funding includes $10.9 million from Proposition HHH, $5.9 million from the Los Angeles County Development Authority’s No Place Like Home program and $1.8 million from the state, along with millions of dollars in loans from the private sector, according to Kasey Burke, president of Meta Housing, which is developing the project.

“In less than a year, 28 HHH-financed projects have become shovel-ready, including Silva Crossing, and that’s just since last month, and we expect to have 100 projects with over 5,700 supportive or HHH-financed units completed or under construction in six months,” Garcetti said. “Remember, this money started coming in in 2017, in less than five years we’re going to be over halfway there. We’re on target.”

Regarding the high price that each supportive unit costs taxpayers, Garcetti said: “You can build something completely from scratch for a couple hundred thousand dollars, but it’s not a home, it’s a kind of a transitional place to be and those are necessary. But we have leveraged $160,000 roughly, of HHH dollars to get each one of these apartment s done. That’s the difference, because land is expensive.”

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