A man is suing USC and Aramark Facility Services LLC, alleging he fell 20 feet from a ladder in 2019 while replacing batteries in the Galen Center scoreboard after an Aramark employee who said it was getting close to his lunch break walked away from holding the ladder.

Kevin Kinder’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit was filed Tuesday and alleges negligence and premises liability. He seeks unspecified damages.

“We are reviewing the lawsuit in detail,” a USC statement regarding the case read. An Aramark representative could not be immediately reached. Aramark provides food, employee uniforms and other services to facilities like the Galen Center.

At about 2 p.m. Nov. 8, 2019, Kinder was at the Galen Center to change the batteries on the scoreboard and he asked USC for two people to assist him while he was on a ladder, the suit states.

One helper was needed to hand Kinder the equipment and the other to be the spotter for the ladder, according to the suit. The ladder was provided by USC and put in place between the bleacher steps by the two assistants provided by the university, who were Aramark employees, the suit states.

Kinder, wearing a hard hat, safety vest, glasses and gloves, climbed the ladder and then one of the two assistants left, leaving him with one helper, the suit states. Kinder asked the other helper to continue spotting the ladder, according to the suit.

Kinder later looked down the 20-foot ladder and saw that the spotter was looking on his phone, so the plaintiff asked the person to hold the ladder, the suit states.

The helper told Kinder that it was close to his lunch break, the suit states. Shortly thereafter, Kinder saw that the helper was not present, the suit states.

The ladder then slid off the bleacher steps, causing Kinder to fall about 20 feet and land on a handrail, hitting his neck, back and right wrist and leaving him unconscious, the suit states.

Kinder suffered spine, neck injuries, right wrist and left finger injuries, the suit states.

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