Photo courtesy Culver City Police Department.
Photo courtesy Culver City Police Department.

A man seen on video hitting an older man on a Culver City bus was arrested, police said Wednesday.

Culver City police Lt. Jason Sims refused to name the suspect “because of the ongoing investigation” but said he was arrested Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

Video from Nov. 22 showed a 60-something man walking to the back of the bus about 1:45 p.m. and sitting down on or next to a woman sprawled across more than one seat. Moments later, a young man with the woman — a 20-something black man in camouflage shorts and a maroon hoodie — got up and hit the older man several times.

The bus driver stopped, and the young couple got off the bus, with the older man calling for the driver to stop them. The young couple got back on the bus to speak with the driver for a few moments, then the video made public by police ended.

Police said the woman was not suspected of a crime.

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