An example of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
This isn’t Zorro. But it’s an example of another adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A woman claiming her dog’s absence “drained my happiness” and her ex-husband tentatively settled their custody dispute over a 9-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog named Zorro, documents filed by the woman’s attorney show.

Stacey Lee alleged that Adam Winfrey breached a verbal agreement to return Zorro to her once she found a home with a back yard. In court papers filed Friday, Lee’s attorney, Christine Garcia, stated that the parties have come to “acceptable settlement terms,” but no details were divulged.

The tentative resolution came a week before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy was to hear Lee’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Winfrey, who she sued in July.

“Being separated from my dog Zorro has had a significant impact on me emotionally and has drained my happiness,” Lee stated in a sworn statement filed in support of her motion. “The impact has been substantial and can only be cured by being reunited with my dog. I continue to endure sentimental injuries each day that I am separated from my dog.”

Lee said she had not seen Zorro since February.

According to her lawsuit, she and Winfrey began dating in 2004, and she bought the purebred dog three years later with her money. The two maintained separate apartments at the time, but Lee says she began staying nearly every day at Winfrey’s residence to take care of the pup.

Lee and Winfrey moved into a Hermosa Beach apartment together in 2009, got married in 2011 and separated the next year, according to her lawsuit. Lee moved into a Santa Monica apartment that did not permit pets, while Winfrey’s new home had a yard.

They continued to share Zorro through 2015, and in January, she found a home in West Los Angeles that had a yard, but he didn’t relinquish the dog, according to he lawsuit.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II, who has owned more than 30 of the dogs since her coronation.

–City News Service 

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