Testifying via a video deposition presented to a jury Tuesday, a retired Los Angeles police lieutenant denied he sexually harassed a female officer.

Lt. Wayne Lightfoot repeatedly answered “absolutely not” when questioned by plaintiff’s attorney Gregory W. Smith on whether the lawman had made comments to Officer Linda Allstot that included “You could wear that for me anytime” and “You’re skinny and have a better body than most 20-year-olds these days; they are all fat.”

Lightfoot, who retired earlier this month, also denied that he leered at Allstot in a way that conveyed a sexual interest and additionally said he did not call other women in the workplace “crazy, lazy, too old and fat.”

Allstot, who joined the LAPD more than 20 years ago, sued the city in August 2015 on allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. The complaint alleges that Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy “took no steps to keep Lightfoot from interacting with plaintiff,” and that the department retaliated against Allstot for complaining by having undercover officers watch her.

Lawyers for the city counter that there are no witnesses to support Allstot’s claims and that she also lacks any documentation.

Allstot, who works in the LAPD’s Professional Standards Bureau that was overseen by McCarthy, alleges the inappropriate comments by Lightfoot occurred “multiple times per month” from late 2013 to mid-2014. Lightfoot was McCarthy’s adjutant, according to Allstot’s court papers.

The plaintiff “also received unwelcome sexual advances from Lt. Lightfoot, including repeated invitations to vacation with him at Lake Havasu and Cabo San Lucas,” her court papers allege.

Capt. Rolando Solano, who is now married to Allstot, testified that before he ever dated his spouse, he warned McCarthy about Lightfoot, who the witness described as a “creepy guy.”

Solano said McCarthy did not want to listen to him.

“I was basically thrown out of the office by McCarthy,” Solano said.

Solano said that in later conversations with Allstot, she was reluctant to report her problems with Lightfoot to management because she “did not want to create waves” for herself and cause a backlash.

“It’s a big deal to report harassment by a boss,” Solano said.

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