About 20 people were threatened and cursed while at the Federal Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles Saturday to stage a counter-demonstration in response to the “Families Belong Together” rally and march, in which thousands of people opposed to the administration’s border policies were demonstrating.

Organizer Arthur Schaper of the group L.A. County For Trump carried a sign with pictures of American children allegedly killed by illegal immigrants. “Somebody stole my sign,” he said. A YouTube video of the counter-demonstration showed a woman picking up his sign when he accidentally dropped it and walking away with it.

The pro-Trump demonstrators tried to be respectful of the Families Belong Together protesters, Schaper said. “There were many threats made against us,” he said. “One man threatened to shove a megaphone up my butt. They used another word.”

The counter-demonstrators were escorted to their cars by motorcycle officers from the Los Angeles Police Department as a result of the threats, Schaper said.

The “Families Belong Together – Freedom for Immigrants March” was among more than 700 protests held nationwide Saturday.

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