A man suffered a head wound Saturday when he was tossed from a car by suspects who stole a bracelet he was trying to sell, authorities said.

The man was selling a gold necklace on Offer Up and arranged to meet a prospective buyer at about 3 p.m. at his home in the 38900 block of Tenth Street West, Lt. Anthony Gunn of the Palmdale sheriff’s station said.

The man told a news photographer at the scene that he got a bad feeling as two men showed up in a compact car and that he held onto the necklace as he showed it to the men. One suspect tried to grab the necklace and the victim was pulled into the car as it took off.

The victim’s family saw the car drive off with the victim inside and called deputies while following the vehicle, Gunn said.

The suspect who struggled with the victim finally got the bracelet and pushed the suspect out of the car, and he hit his head on the pavement, the lieutenant said.

The man was treated for a head wound and deputies were investigating, Gunn said.

The case is an example of why the sheriff’s department urges residents to use a designated area in the parking lot of the sheriff’s station to meet prospective buys of property, he said. “They would have to be pretty brazen to try to seal something there.”

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