Democratic congressional candidate Gil Cisneros Friday said his Yorba Linda home was vandalized in the days prior to election day and his Fullerton campaign office was shot at on election night.

Cisneros also alleged that his Republican opponent, former Assemblywoman Young Kim, has sent representatives to intimidate vote counters in Los Angeles County. Representatives for Kim’s campaign were not immediately available to comment.

Cisneros alleged in a statement that he was informed on Thursday that representatives for Kim were attempting to “challenge ballots” as the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters was tallying them. Challenging ballots is the protocol after the count is certified and there is a recount.

Cisneros alleged Kim’s camp is “slowing down” the count and “obstructing” Registrar employees so the votes aren’t all counted within 30 days as the law requires.

Democrats believe Cisneros has a realistic shot to overcome Kim in the counting with thousands of ballots still to count from Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.

Kim is ahead 51.3 percent to 48.7 percent, according to the California Secretary of State. Cisneros trails by 3,874 votes.

Cisneros claimed that his Yorba Linda home was “vandalized” recently.

Orange County sheriff’s deputies were called to his home on Nov. 1 to respond to a complaint that someone dumped trash near the residence, said Carrie Braun of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies suspect a transient dumped the trash, Braun said.

On election night, Cisneros said someone shot an air rifle at his office at 3235 Associated Road in Fullerton, “shattering” a window, but without injuring anyone.

Fullerton police Sgt. Carin Wright said police were called the day after the election when a hole in the window began cracking. No one seemed to notice it right away until the window began to crack, she said.

Police have been unable to determine if the shooting happened on election night or the next day, and investigators have no leads on if it was a random shooting or if Cisneros’ campaign was targeted, Wright said.

The Cisneros camp also reported that men working as security at a La Habra polling place refused to let a Democratic volunteer look at the voting rolls to check turnout, but allowed someone else to do so.

Cisnero’s campaign manager Nic Jordan said it was “improper and reprehensible” for representatives of Kim to be “harassing election registrar workers” before all of the votes are counted.

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