A suspect has been arrested in the armed robbery and assault of a Lyft driver at a gas station in South El Monte, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Wednesday.

The attack occurred about 9:20 p.m. May 11 at the Arco station at Rush Street and Rosemead Boulevard, according to the Sheriff’s Information Bureau.

In a video released Thursday, the robbery and beating were captured on the driver’s dashboard camera. The video shows a man in the car’s back seat wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates cap and holding a handgun. The man is seen arguing with the driver for more than one minute.

The robber demanded money and then grabbed the driver’s cellphone. He then apparently tried to get the driver to leave the car so he could steal it, but the driver persuaded him not to do that, ABC7 reported.

The driver eventually handed over his wallet, which held $1,560, ABC7 reported, quoting the driver’s family. Twice during the robbery the man hit the driver in the face with a gun, leaving him with a bruised and bloody nose, according to ABC7.

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