An investigation was underway Sunday into several vehicle break-ins in a Pasadena apartment garage.

The thefts took place about 3:30 a.m. Friday at a garage underneath an apartment building at 168 N. Wilson Ave., said Lisa Borel, one of the victims, who said she was awakened by a car alarm.

Borel said she saw garage surveillance video of two men driving in, getting out and checking for unlocked car doors. She said she saw one of the men take something out of his car and smash her window to steal a box that was visible. Inside that box, she said, was a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Craftsman clock containing the seal of the city of Pasadena with gemstones on the face.

Borel said she had it specially made, and that it was valued at $2,000. Borel said she is disabled and had to take a medical test the day before the break-in, which left her too weak to take the clock out of her car.

She said she also saw the men on the surveillance video steal a car stereo system from a truck, and that the license plate on their car was visible on the video.

She said Pasadena police responded to her apartment building and took reports about the thefts and damage to the cars.

No one from Pasadena police could be reached on Sunday for comment.

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