Photo by John Schreiber.
UCLA’s Bruin statue provides a bit of normalcy to a day of horror on campus. Photo by John Schreiber.

Despite the horror of a murder-suicide at UCLA Wednesday, students won’t get any slack from professors concerned about upcoming final exams.

Scott Waugh, UCLA vice chancellor and provost, said campus operations will return to normal Thursday, and next week’s finals would not be disrupted.

All classes were canceled for the day at UCLA Wednesday after the murder-suicide resulted in the campus being locked down and students, faculty and staff hid beneath desks in reaction to a “shelter in place” order.

“We want to resume normal operations as quickly as possible so we will resume scheduled classes tomorrow morning,” Waugh said. “Faculty, staff and students should show up tomorrow and go through their regular routines and complete the quarter as planned. We will go ahead with commencement and final examinations over the next few weeks and hope to return our campus to normal and return the Bruin community to its normal operations. This is a tragic event but it does show that with adequate preparation and good cooperation with all our law enforcement agencies, we can bring it to a successful close.”

The initial reports of a shooting prompted the university to send a “Bruin Alert” to all students and staff notifying them to avoid the area or shelter in place. Via social media, some students reported hunkering down in restrooms or classrooms, unsure of there was an active shooter wandering the building.

As police began clearing classrooms, students were seen walking from buildings, often with their hands raised and some being subjected to pat-downs as they left.

–City News Service


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