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Photo via Pixabay

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers cut their water use by 16.6 percent in March, compared to the same month in 2013, surpassing the new water-savings target set by the state, according to figures released Tuesday.

Since water-conservation mandates were imposed by the state in June 2015, DWP customers have cut their use by a cumulative 15.8 percent compared to the same period beginning in June 2013 — the baseline year used by the state to measure savings. The state-imposed conservation mandate for the DWP is 14 percent.

Across California, water use in March was 24.3 percent below the March 2013 level. The cumulative statewide conservation total from June 2015 through March is 23.9 percent — just below the 25 percent reduction called for by Gov. Jerry Brown.

“While some parts of the state saw rain and snow, other parts, specifically the Central Valley and Southern California, didn’t, and yet, all Californians stepped up again to conserve water, because they know they can and that it is good for California,” said State Water Resources Control Board Chairwoman Felicia Marcus.

“Twenty-four percent in March is a stunningly welcome number. As we head into the warmer summer months, we need to keep conserving,” Marcus said. “We may not need the same levels of conservation as last year, but we still need to keep all we can in our reservoirs and groundwater basins in case this winter is just a punctuation mark in a longer drought.”

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