lawn dudeThe spiky-haired, drought-fighting billboard mascot, Lawn Dude, will  don a top hat and hit the campaign trail to get Southern Californians to continue conserving water, it was announced Wednesday.

Lawn Dude’s messages will be on billboards provided by Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. The water-conservation campaign was created by the nonprofit group Southern California Water Committee.

Lawn Dude has advocated curtailing water use since 2014. His “laying off the sauce” phase chronicled his efforts to quit a water-guzzling habit, and in a “manscaping” bit, he promoted turf removal.

The latest Lawn Dude public service announcement campaign will be featured during what is expected to be a hot, and very political, summer that’s up ahead.

In one attack ad, Lawn Dude will be blasting El Nino’s “empty promises,” while in another spot, he is hoping to rally support by pledging to “conserve, conserve, conserve!”

While the campaign capitalizes most prominently on the upcoming California primary and the presidential elections in November, it also launches off of another topical event — Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent executive order calling for Californians to permanently curtail water use even as drought conditions appear to be easing off.

In a Clear Channel news release, Lawn Dude explained his reasons for the new campaign.

“I’m throwing my hat in the ring because the drought’s not over, baby — California needs me more than ever before,” he said. “Now is the perfect time to announce my candidacy. And my slogan? ‘Conserve, Conserve, Conserve!’ of course.”

—Staff and wire reports

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