HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” is playing hookey until Sept. 13, but host John Oliver appears in a video just in time for back-to-school.

John Oliver of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.” Image via YouTube
He offers a course-by-course rundown of what students need to know, including a reminder on the smell of frog-embalming fluid. “You’ll forget your first kiss before that stench leaves your nostrils,” he says.

In American history, he urges students to check out President Warren Harding’s love life. In world history, he says you’ll learn about explorers — or what he called “genocidal lunatics.”

For English students, the British comedian shares who dies at the end of major works of literature so you don’t mess up at essay time. “Death of a Salesman” doesn’t require a spoiler alert.

And he says forget about everything in math except “the original Fab 4” — addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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