So you thought, rightly, that the 2016 movie “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” was a titanic battle between good-guy superheroes?

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) meets Bruce Wayne (Ban Affleck) with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex in between in scene from “Batman v Superman.” Image via YouTube
If the newly released trailer is a clue, maybe the real villain is Doomsday, who appeared in a cameo role in 1992 issues of Superman comics.

Other trailer revelations are summarized by

“As well as seeing more of Jesse Eisenberg’s villainous Lex, we were also treated to the first footage of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. We can’t wait to see what she does with one of the world’s most iconic female superheroes, who’s all set to star in her own film, simply entitled Wonder Woman, in 2017 (it’s about time that a female superhero got her own film!).

“The end of the trailer also offered up one final little surprise for all us comic book lovers: Doomsday’s in town! The trailer, which was shown during Jimmy Kimmel Live, hints that he is the reason why Batman and Superman decide to stop their petty squabbling to fight a much worse enemy – with Wonder Woman’s much-needed help.”

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