In past years, late-night comics could count on Rush Limbaugh to be a reliable punching bag. But with Donald Trump taking the wind out of the radio host, the king of the Dittoheads is barely seen.

Rush Limbaugh. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
“Routinely condemned for not calling out what Republican critics see as Donald Trump’s brand of faux conservatism, Limbaugh continues to fish around for a middle ground,” says Media Matters. “The host seems anxious to defend Trump from attacks, but also wary of offending his legion of listeners, who see the front-runner as a fraud, and see Limbaugh as a hypocrite for playing nice with him.”

One caller to Limbaugh’s show recently said: “I believe that most of the time you stimulate my intelligence, but today I feel like you’re insulting my intelligence — and that of many other people.”

Media Matters calls itself a not-for-profit progressive research and information center “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

But with Limbaugh, the waters have gotten murky.

The site quotes a blogger known as Allahpundit as saying: “Every day of Rush’s show now feels like an exercise in strained, compulsory quasi-neutrality, which amounts in practice to him defending nearly everything Trump says and does but mixing in some praise for Cruz here and there just to make sure he’s got his footing on the tightrope.”

Media Matters says Limbaugh is playing defense, “a mode that most talk radio hosts despise” and has become a piñata “as conservatives line up to take whacks at him in a way we’ve never really seen before.”

longtime listener Travis Hale called Limbaugh “a mind-numbing, frustrating hypocrite. His tacit endorsement of Trump, now occurring daily during his show, is almost impossible to understand.”

Others weighing in on Limbaugh:

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