Was it Koppelgate? A journalism cover-up? Or merely speaking truth to media power?

Sean Hannity on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.” Image via Youtube.com
Veteran newsman Ted Koppel is the subject of a Sean Hannity Twitter-tantrum after the Fox pundit was interviewed by the veteran newsman on the CBS show “Sunday Morning.”

At issue is the editing of Koppel’s chat with Hannity — whether Hannity was done justice.

“Koppel unmasked Hannity as nothing more than an ideologue dressed as a news host,” said Salon’s summary.

“The segment focused on the partisan divide — made sharper by opinion shows like the ones on Fox News. Hannity said he thought Koppel wasn’t giving his audience enough credit, arguing that Fox News viewers understand the difference between an opinion show and a news show. Koppel looked unconvinced, prompting Hannity to call him ‘cynical.’”

Then this exchange went viral:

“I am cynical,” Koppel, 77, agreed.

“You think I am bad for America?” asked Hannity, 55.

“Yeah, in the long haul,” said Koppel. “I think you and all these opinion shows.”

“Really? That’s sad,” Hannity said.

On Twitter, the conservative talker struck back:

Koppel has no Twitter habit. But others came to his defense.

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