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Los Angeles County firefighter Daniel Trevizo worried that he was creating a fire risk at Comic-Con.

Crowds blocked aisles Saturday as they took pictures of the 5-foot-8 Claremont resident in his 8-foot-tall Hulkbuster costume, made of EVA foam with some PVC pipe support.

“I feel bad because I know I’m being a fire hazard, so I got to keep moving. It’s kind of tough,” said Trevizo, 43, who entertains patients at a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. He says his fellow firefighters think his hobby is “cool, but I get a bit of ribbing.”

Like the comics, a good way to tell a story of Comic-Con Day 3 is visually. So here are our top 12 highlights of Day 3 at the San Diego Convention Center and nearby.

L.A. County firefighter Daniel Trevizo made his own Hulkbuster costume

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds personal items for later auction

Sophia Zhuang of China is startled by a ‘Walking Dead’ zombie

Hundreds pack the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge to Comic-Con

Television ‘Supergirl’ star Melissa Benoist greets fans at WB booth

8-month-old Ella Stahlheber of Orange in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ garb

A visitor to Bioware booth adds to communal artist canvas

Cosplayer in front of trolley wrapped in ABC promo for ‘The Crossing’

Patrick Block, on Artists’ Alley, draws Donald Duck for customer

Alfred E. Neuman makes a face outside Mad Magazine booth

DC writer artist Frank Miller shows Batman sketch at autograph signing

Author/illustrator Jerrett Krosoczka works with a child on superhero art

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