Selena Gomez is receiving treatment at a mental health facility on the East Coast after suffering “extreme” panic attacks arising from poor health in the aftermath of a difficult kidney transplant, it was reported Thursday.

Sources tell the online celebrity news publication The Blast that the singer was recently hospitalized in Los Angeles with medical issues related to her kidney transplant in summer of 2017 — specifically a very low white blood cell count.

After she was discharged, she continued to feel “off” and was readmitted to the hospital after her blood cell count did not improve, The Blast reported. The constant trips to the hospital and persistent poor health deeply upset Gomez, resulting in her experiencing multiple panic attacks.

One source describes the attacks as “extreme” and said the cycle of hospital trips ratcheted up her anxiety, prompting those around her to agree it was time to seek out professional help.

Gomez and her family then flew to the East Coast and checked into the same mental health facility she was treated at earlier this year. The luxury, celebrity-style facility she’s at is providing her with therapy, healthy meals and lots of exercise, and everyone on her team is expecting her to be back in action soon, according to The Blast.

Gomez received a kidney implant after suffering kidney failure brought about by her lupus. She subsequently underwent procedures to save the kidney donated by her friend, actress Francia Raisa. Both women had tough recoveries.

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