A self-described actor and photographer alleges in a lawsuit that he resigned from the Tyler Clementi Foundation, an anti-bullying organization, after being sexually abused by a fellow board member in 2017.

The plaintiff is identified only as John Doe and the accused as John Roe in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Tuesday against the foundation and the other board member.

The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages on allegations of sexual battery, battery, assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

A response was not immediately forthcoming from the foundation, which is named for an 18-year-old gay student who jumped to his death from a New Jersey bridge after becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

According to the suit, Doe has worked throughout the Southland and been involved in several businesses and organizations. He joined the foundation’s board of directors in March 2017, six months before Roe became a member, the suit states.

Doe accepted an invitation to have dinner with Roe and some of the defendant’s friends at Nerano, an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills, on Dec. 2, 2017, according to his court papers.

After dinner, Roe took the plaintiff to a nearby hotel, and in a Lyft ride along the way, told him as they passed a Ferrari dealership, “I could buy you one of those,” the suit alleges.

The two then went to Roe’s hotel room, where the defendant gave the plaintiff drugs that rendered him unconscious, the suit alleges. Early the next morning, Roe sexually abused Doe, the complaint alleges.

Doe was able to escape despite Roe’s alleged attempt to block him from doing so, but the plaintiff found himself present at the same anti-bullying rally as Roe the next day and saw him at yet another foundation event in February 2018, the suit states.

Doe called in sick rather than face Roe at a board meeting in North Carolina in March 2018 “because he was paralyzed at the thought of seeing” him, the suit states.

The plaintiff told the foundation’s executive director about what Roe allegedly did to him, but no action was taken and he was instructed to “keep what happened to him private,” according to the complaint, which says he left the board in August 2018.

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