A friend of 87-year-old Star Trek co-star Nichelle Nichols, who alleges the actress’ son has nixed regular visits with “Lt. Uhura,” is asking a judge to enforce a previous court order and allow the meetings to resume.

Angelique Fawcette says she agreed in December 2018 to drop her challenge to Kyle Johnson being made his mother’s permanent conservator in exchange for two monthly meetings with Nichols.

Nichols is now battling dementia, but she played Lt. Uhura, a translator and communications officer, aboard the USS Enterprise in the “Star Trek” series that ran on NBC from 1966-69. She also appeared in some of the later “Star Trek” movies.

Fawcette says she met Nichols in 2012. For years, the two went to lunch together and visited each other on Christmas, according to Fawcette’s court papers.

But Fawcette maintains in her court papers that Johnson, 68, has not permitted any visits with Nichols, who suffers from dementia, since last May 15.

“(Johnson) is in contempt of this court’s order,” Fawcette’s court papers allege.

Late last May, Nichols’ former manager, Gilbert Bell, released a recording he made of an argument between Nichols and Johnson in which the actress can be heard saying, “You’re trying to get rid of me,” according to Fawcette’s court papers.

Fawcette maintains that she tried several times to visit with Nichols to check on her well-being in the wake of the video’s release, but was denied by Johnson each time, including her requests to see the actress around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When Fawcette asked for a visit in February, Johnson told her he was not granting her request because of the Bell video, according to her court papers. Fawcette maintains she had nothing to do with the recording of the video or its release.

Fawcette further states in her court papers that prior to the conservatorship, Johnson placed Nichols in a rest home, but that the actress “escaped” and asked Fawcette to record a video. In the video, Nichols said she enjoys continuing to act, to attend conventions and to meet with her fans and sign autographs.

Nichols also is heard rejecting Johnson’s suggestions she retire, saying she is “full of energy, loves what she does, makes more money than her son and that when he pays her bills and for the luxuries she enjoys, only then will he be able to tell her what to do,” according to Fawcette’s court papers.

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