News of Sutter Brown’s death was ruff on some folks, who chewed out 2016 for burying another iconic character. The Los Angeles Times obituary ran 740 words. It was 550 in the San Francisco Chronicle and 440 in his hometown Sacramento Bee.

Sutter Brown, First Dog of California. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
All about a dog’s life.

Called California’s “First Dog,” the Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by Gov. Jerry Brown and First Lady Anne Gust Brown died Friday at age 13.

He had emergency surgery in October to remove cancerous masses.

With a Capitol and social media presence (see Facebook and Twitter feeds) beyond his appreciation, Sutter was mourned by many.

The Times reported: “Sutter died with the governor and his wife at his side, and was buried Friday afternoon at his family’s Colusa County ranch, according to a statement from the governor’s deputy press secretary, Deborah Hoffman,” who said: “It’s a sad day for all who loved Sutter.”

Happily for Corgi fans, Sutter’s young sister Colusa “Lucy” Brown takes over as first dog.

Tributes for Sutter were still pouring in Monday.

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