Sweet Girl. Photo: Riverside County Department of Animal Services
Sweet Girl. Photo: Riverside County Department of Animal Services

Can you afford needed but costly surgery for a three-month-old puppy found abandoned in a park with two broken legs but a lot of spirit?

If so, “Sweet Girl” is ready for adoption at the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter.

“Employees are hopeful a family with the resources to afford a costly surgery will come forward to take her,” said John Welsh of the Department of Animal Services. “If not, a rescue group partner is also desirable.”

The German shepherd mix, unofficially dubbed “Sweet Girl,” was located on the night of March 20 at Clay Park on Haven View Drive in the Riverside County of Jurupa Valley, according to Welsh.

Angelica Cerrillos of Jurupa Valley and her friends noticed the incapacitated puppy and immediately became concerned, Welsh said.

“I thought it was just messed up that someone could hurt her so much that she couldn’t walk — and didn’t even try to help her,” Cerrillos said. “That’s just plain cruel.”

Cerrillos said she and her friends cared for Sweet Girl overnight, providing food and water.

“She was very sweet and loved getting affection from all of us,” Cerrillos said.

They took the pup to the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter the following day, and the dog underwent a complete examination, at which time veterinarian Dr. Hillary Carroll confirmed the canine had a severely fractured left hind leg and a lesser fracture on her right front leg.

The injuries were consistent with being struck by a car, Carroll said.

Splints were attached, and Sweet Girl was soon up and managing to hobble around.

“I considered adopting her myself because she is just so sweet,” Carroll said. “She is very calm, very well adjusted, considering what has happened to her, and she’s in a stressful environment. That’s what makes her unique.”

The injury to the hind leg will require surgery, but the front leg should heal on its own with appropriate splinting over two months, according to Welsh.

A brief video profiling the puppy is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/NOVvWNZbMyc or watch below.

Anyone interested in adopting her can call the shelter at (951) 358-7387.

–City News Service

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