Photo by John Schreiber.

The Griffith Observatory will be closed for two weeks beginning Monday due to four major projects involving construction along nearby roads and at the Observatory building.

The closure will continue through May 6, with no public activities at the Observatory, and no vehicle or bicycle access to East and West Observatory Roads, the Observatory’s parking lot and Vermont Canyon Road past the Greek Theatre, according to the city Department of Recreation and Parks.

Officials with the city agency, which owns and operates Griffith Observatory, said they are undertaking the projects to improve visitor access and safety and to repair fundamental building systems.

No vehicles will be allowed on Western Canyon Road past Fern Dell on most days of the closure period. DASH Observatory daily bus service will also end near the Greek Theatre, instead of at the Observatory, and no public vehicles, including shared ride and tour buses, will be allowed past the Greek Theatre.

Limited pedestrian access will be allowed to the Observatory hilltop area — including views of the Hollywood Sign and access to exterior restrooms — throughout the two-week closure period, but on selected days, all pedestrian access to the Observatory hilltop will be prohibited, including access from trails that end on the Observatory grounds or parking lot.

Park Rangers will post signs along trails to alert pedestrians, while updates on work and closures can be found at

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