Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz Wednesday announced that he asked the Department of Transportation to place decals on sidewalks to deter e-scooters from being ridden on them in his district.

“I continue to be very concerned about the e-scooter explosion here in Los Angeles and decided to proactively alert riders of the illegality of riding on sidewalks for the safety of the pedestrians in my district,” said Koretz, whose Fifth District stretches from the Santa Monica Mountains to parts of Hollywood.

“In addition to my concern about riders on the sidewalks, I am equally worried about e-scooter riders’ own safety entering commercial traffic. In reality, there are few places where e-scooters can be ridden safely.”

Until then, Koretz said he is content to place decals that read “No e-scooter riding on the sidewalk. It’s the law,” in all caps with a circled-and-crossed image of an e-scooter.

Twenty-one decals have been installed on Third Street between La Cienega Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, and additional decals are planned for the sidewalks of Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard by end of August.

“I would be thrilled to see e-scooters banned until we have an adequate bicycle/e-scooter lane infrastructure for them,” Koretz said. “In the meantime I am hoping these decals can alleviate some of the e-scooter danger occurring in my district.”

Koretz’s filed a motion in May that would strip e-scooter companies of their operating permits if they fail to cooperate with law enforcement investigations that could arise.

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