The Los Angeles Ethics Commission lifted the campaign-expenditure limit Wednesday in the primary election for City Council District 14, as a result of independent campaign spending in the race.

Candidates who participate in the city’s matching funds program must limit their campaign spending in both the primary and general elections. However, the expenditure ceiling is lifted when independent spending in a specific race reaches a certain threshold, depends on the elected office in question, according to the Ethics Commission.

For a City Council race, the threshold is $86,000 spent in one election to support or oppose one candidate.

To date, all of the independent spending reported in the CD 14 primary election has gone to support Kevin de Leon — $131,701.

De Leon is facing Monica Garcia, John Jimenez, Cyndi Otteson and Raquel Zamora in the CD 14 primary.

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor has spent the most money in support of de Leon, expending more than $86,000 on campaign communications.

Independent spending is when a person or organization spends money on political communication that supports or opposes a candidate or ballot measure and the communication is not coordinated with nor authorized by the candidate.

Independent expenditures must be reported to the Ethics Commission within 24 hours.

Additional information about the candidates, independent spending and political communications in the CD 14 primary election is available on the commission’s Election Totals page at

Campaign activity and political communications can also be searched on the commission’s Public Data Portal at

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