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Two men and two women were injured Tuesday, at least two critically, in an Anaheim dispute that escalated into a stabbing attack carried out by a relative who has been arrested.

Officers were dispatched at 11:11 a.m. to the home in the 100 block of West Bluebell Avenue, Sgt. Daron Wyatt of the Anaheim Police Department said.

When officers arrived they found a 55-year-old and 24-year-old man as well as a 66-year-old and 48-year-old woman all suffering from stab wounds, according to police.

Wyatt said the suspect in the knifings — 20-year-old Gino Fuentes — was taken into custody near the scene, noting that a neighbor helped stop the stabbing spree by striking the assailant with a baseball bat and a crowbar.

Manuel Gonzalez was working across the street when he saw a bleeding woman stumble out of a house pleading for help and the suspect also was knifing another person, prompting him to grab the bat and the crowbar and attack the attacker, according to broadcast reports.   “I saw her shirt full of blood and her gushing out blood from her neck,” Gonzalez told television reporters. “He already had stabbed four people, so I said these people’s lives are in danger as well as mine and everybody that’s around here, so I grabbed a bat and I whacked him like four or five times in the rib area.”

The assailant dropped the knife at that point, ran into the home and came out with a bigger knife, Gonzalez said. That’s when he put the crowbar to use.

“I chased him with a crowbar and I hit him one more time in the back,” Gonzalez said. “I chased him a little bit more, but then my parents were like, don’t chase him anymore because the cops are coming and if they see you with a crowbar they’re gonna think it’s you.”

Wyatt was quick to acknowledge Gonzalez’s heroics.

“We try not to recommend people to get involved in a violent assault like this, but he’s obviously instrumental in helping to stop what could have been a much worse attack,” Wyatt said.

Fuentes, a relative of the family that was attacked, was arrested about a mile away.

Fuentes was booked on suspicion of four counts of attempted murder.

A motive for the stabbings has not been revealed.

— City News Service

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